Enjoying the Spirit of the ride.
The Spirit Riders   aWe ride the roads of this great land, enjoying the wonders of God's creation and the freedom & fellowship we have found together.
We have organized rides frequently, hold monthly meetings, participate in many benefit rides.

Any biker is welcome to ride with the group.  To become a member you must attend at lease two meetings and make a few rides with the group.  The whole membership votes to determine if membership is extended to you.

As a Spirit Rider we are determined to conduct ourselves in a tasteful manner.  Any misconduct is a reflection of the whole group.  We want to be welcome at any establishment we decide to frequent.

The Spirit Riders began as an idea between a few good friends.  Friends that shared a close bond like brothers.  That bond is what we build on today.  We are more than a club we are a brother and sisterhood.  This family bond is what keeps us strong and growing.